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Welcome to Ibis Animal Hospital

Your Veterinarian in West Palm Beach, FL
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We are a full-service animal hospital for all pets. Our core services are to improve the health of your unique companion.  Our personal concern is for your pet, whether in an emergency or for preventative care. At Ibis Veterinary Hospital, your pet is our pet. Emergency pet care is always unplanned. Keep our number handy and call us immediately. We will talk you through getting your pet to the vet.  

Our experienced professionals will examine your pet during wellness examinations to prevent diseases. Wellness plans vary depending on your pet's age and overall health. Vaccinations will help your pet fight diseases.  

Services Provided

Our puppy and kitten care plans promote development and preventative healthcare. Young pets have weak immune systems. The benefits of exposure to a different environment will enable your pet to experience new surroundings. Our staff can offer suggestions, advice, and resources.

  • Senior Pet Care - Ibis Veterinary Hospital provides senior pet care for a healthier life. We can help you with treatment plans resulting in extraordinary care.  With diet, exercise, and treatment we will support your pet’s needs.
  • Pet Surgery - We will also assist with decisions on any pet surgery we recommend. With a thorough examination, and consultation we will meet your pet's needs. Although pet surgery might be a viable option, we can help in decisions on the best financial choices.  Our staff will guide you with professional knowledge for any needs.
  • Dental Care - Ibis Veterinary Hospital recommends products, treats, and diets that safeguard your pet's teeth. Dental care is vital to maintaining good health. Periodic dental examinations are essential to oral health.  
  • Diagnostics and pharmaceuticals - We keep up-to-date information on all products. Our prescriptions are approved and controlled.  Individual treatment options are vital for your pet.  

Other services we offer are bathing and grooming. Our experienced and proficient staff will take care of your pet's need. Our quality products and high-quality equipment will improve your pet's healthiness.  

Contact Our Local Veterinarian Today

We are a full-service vet for your pet’s needs. Our staff will diagnose your pet's issues and address your concerns.  Visit our New Patient Center for additional information and forms.  Ibis Veterinary Hospital is Care Credit certified and members of Pet Assure. Dr. Lillian Felz is a dedicated, experienced veterinarian whose commitment is to the well-being of numerous and distinct pets.  

At Ibis Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Lillian Felz
West Palm Beach Veterinarian | Ibis Animal Hospital | (561) 625-6970

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The best in the area. Staff is awesome as are the docs! Animals are well taken care of here."
    -Carolyn L
  • "Very friendly people! Also very helpful and straight to the point on what our pit bull needed. I'm happy to have found a vet that cares about our dogs health and not just the money. Thank you!!"
    -Geordon B.